Giveaway Winner!

Thanks so much, everyone, for entering the giveaway and for doing those closet checks! It was amazing to see what everyone came up with. In case you’re wondering (and I know you are, right???), I did a closet check myself, and I found zero — yup, that’s right, “0,” zip, nada — items of commercially-made clothing that were produced in the United States. I do have maybe thirty items that were made lovingly in the U.S. by me. 🙂 I hope that, in the coming months, I can support more companies that do business in the U.S. or Canada or that employ unionized workers. It’s not easy, but it’s important for my family, for our economy, and for all of our safety, as some of you pointed out.

I was surprised by several of the things you all came up with out of your closets; first, many of you had a lot of U.S.-made clothing! That’s fantastic! Do you mind if I ask when you purchased most of it? It’s interesting for me to see the change in the clothing industry in the late 1990’s; before that, the vast majority of our clothes were made in America. Following NAFTA, however, garment producers moved overseas in droves, and I wonder now if we might actually be able to see that migration reflected in our very own closets. It’s really a reminder of how sweeping changes in industry affect everyone, and how changes at the most basic levels of production show up inside our own homes.

I was also reminded by several of you that buying items made in China or other developing countries can actually be unsafe. Dog food, children’s toys, McDonald’s cups; we’ve all seen the recalls on the news. Buying American (or Canadian) is, if nothing else, certainly safer, something we all need to keep in mind.

Finally, I got some serious warm fuzzies when I saw how many of you are making your own clothes. Way to go! I think that, for whatever reason you are doing it, that making your own stuff is so great. I hope your children, families, and friends appreciate how amazing you are for doing it.

Oh, and speaking of making your own stuff, the winner of the gift card is, according to . . .

Sarah C.!!!!

Sarah makes beautiful quilts, so check out her blog if you get a chance!

Sarah, expect an email from me today.

I hope you all will continue to think about your garment purchases even though there isn’t $25 in fabric on the line. One organization that will help you is the Alliance for American Manufacturing. Their Facebook page is a wealth of information and has links to their various blogs on items made in the U.S. Their feed will contain snippets from their blog posts as well as information on current economic and legislative policy. One of my favorite features is “Fashion Fridays,” a weekly update in which the AAM highlights a garment producer that manufactures in the United States. It’s great info. For example, did you know that Spanx are made in the USA? Whew, now I don’t have to give up on or try make my own shapewear. Life is good. 😉

I hope you all had a fantastic Fourth of July! We are currently visiting family that happen to live oh-so-close to the beach, so unless I get motivated to post some boring old vacation photos (well, boring to you, not so much to me), I’ll be scarce this week. Stay cool and buy American!


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