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Sulking and Sewing

I wanted to go to the quilt store today, but my husband got home too late for me to go.  Like a mature adult, I holed up in my “office” for a few hours in protest.  Out came this:

I bought the material from Joann’s on Sunday, and honestly it was hard to wait even this long to make something out of it.

I just made a simple peasant top.  No pattern or instructions really.  I simply laid one of my daughter’s tops down over the material and started cutting.

I didn’t even change the color of thread already on my machine.  It almost matches the blue in the material.  Almost.

It was quick and spontaneous, a very different kind of sewing than my usual method.  But I enjoyed it, and I think the top — surprisingly enough — turned out okay.

I’m still going to the quilt store tomorrow, though.


It’s Hard to Be a Baby (Happy Mothers’ Day!)

Yay!  Hurray for FINALLY learning how to pull up!  Look at me, I’m amazing!  The view from here is fantastic!

Wait a minute.  How do I get down?!

Help, Mommy!

Happy Mothers’ Day, from my home to yours.  🙂

First Harvest

From our backyard . . .

To our table.

Yum.  🙂

Happy Birthday

. . . to my sweet, vivacious little Mirabelle, who turned one year old today. I can’t believe how quickly it went by.

Birthday Quilt Beginning

What’s this? It’s an opened jelly roll of Verna by Kate Spain for Moda. Isn’t it GORGEOUS? And what am I doing with all these beautiful 2.5″ strips?

I’m making a quilt for my daughter’s first birthday, which is in three weeks. That’s right. My baby girl, my youngest and last, is turning one. Such a happy, and sad, occasion. I am so very excited to make this quilt, which is probably the easiest quilt ever made. It’s so easy it feels a little like cheating — no work, only fun! But that’s all the more reason to enjoy it, right? I love the colors and the flowers. They so embody my tiny little girl’s personality. And I love the block; a modified log cabin, symbolizing the home and the hearth and all the love within. These are only the first three blocks, but I hope to make more progress soon, and I’ll post more as I do!

Frugalista Find

I know you’re just aching to go wander the aisles of Walmart looking for the next fantastic fashion trend, but really, their selection of dresses this Spring is worth the effort. I read the entire Better Homes and Gardens April issue while I was stuck waiting in a doctor’s office this week, and this dress was featured in their fashion section:

Women's Dobby Shirtdress, Walmart, $14

Okay, so it was featured in gray, but I adore the red.  Of course I was heading to the grocery store last night anyway, so I went to check it out.  And sure enough, this dress is great.  The belt hits at the waist, but the pleats don’t start until just above the hips, and the ever-so-slightly above-the-knee length and cap sleeves give the dress a very youthful, springtime vibe.  Its only drawback is the material, which is a loosely-woven cotton that will wrinkle like mad when it’s washed.  However, a $14 dress is worth an ironing every once in awhile.

While browsing the dresses, I also stumbled upon this one:

White Dress with Woven Belt, Walmart, $14

I couldn’t decide between the two, so I got them both. The white dress will look fantastic with a springy cardigan or a very casual but fitted jeans jacket. It’s also begging to be worn with a chunky necklace and gladiator sandals (which I also spotted at Walmart for a reasonable $10).

Walmart is NOT usually my go-to destination for cute clothes, but I figure if it’s in BHG, it can’t be that bad. And, surprise! It’s true. Along with the new spring dresses, there are some beautiful tops as well, so give it a try. You can’t go wrong for $14.

Day 47: Up. Again.


After all the excitement this weekend, my kids had a little trouble going to sleep.  Who wouldn’t?  This is us, around 9:30pm.

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