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Date Night: 2010

Okay, you all know I have four kids right? And that they’re all five and under, right? So I think you’ll understand that it’s been YEARS since my husband and I went on a date. Just try finding a babysitter that’s WILLING to sit for so many little kids and, once you do, ask them just how much they’re going to charge!

BUT, a few weeks ago a friend of ours (thanks Athena!) volunteered to watch our monsters one evening while we went to a nice dinner and then to see the Nutcracker at our local performing-arts center. It would be a sort of early Anniversary celebration (my dear hubby and I tied the knot on New Year’s Eve almost eight years ago).

Whoa. This was huge. Massive. This . . . warranted a new dress. I tried Dillard’s first, which, surprisingly enough, has a decent selection of Made-in-the-USA garments. Nothing. I wanted black, and I just couldn’t find anything that worked. Then, on a chance visit to Hobby Lobby, I discovered some ruffled black knit that was probably left over from last season (remember those big pink ruffles from last Spring?). I went home and printed out a coupon (who goes to Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann’s without a coupon? Seriously, who???), and got two yards for $10.00. Then I went to Jo-Ann’s and picked up several yards of the $3.99 pointe roma for a lining. The next day I simply laid down a well-fitting sheath dress over the fabric and hacked out the front and back (only two pattern pieces) and, using THIS tutorial on lining a sleeveless dress, I was finished with my “date” dress in just a few hours.

I added a belt, necklace, and shoes that I had and WAH-LAH!

Please look only at the dress. I have, after all, had four children. And I have a giant head. But anyway . . .

My daughter told me, “Mommy! You look BEAUTIFUL!” (seriously, doesn’t that kind of thing make you feel GREAT?). And then she took this picture of my husband and I:

I love this picture. And I love my husband. It’s been eight years, and I still think we go so well together. And every time I wear this dress I’m going to think about what a lovely time we had on Date Night: 2010 and what a crazy, fantastic time we’ve been having together since the day we met.


Tuesday Treasures

Find anything good this week? I sure did. Our local Once Upon a Child had its $1 clearance sale this week (if you have or buy one of their reusable shopping bags, all clearance items are only $1), and a friend convinced me to be there just as the store opened on the first day. And I’m afraid I went a little crazy.

I got all of this — about twelve outfits for my youngest — for $24. And it felt great. I hate to say it, but you lose a bit of the joy that comes with shopping when you decide to go fair-labor, and I really needed a little retail therapy. And I almost never buy new clothes for my youngest because, well, she’s a baby, and it’s summer, and she’s happy in one of her older sister’s old onesies. But I love seeing her in these old, new clothes. She’s all set for fall now with a little broken-in trousseau of her own.

This is one of her new, $2 outfits. Despite all my efforts, and despite the fact that we were only there for a little while, she got a touch of sun at the park yesterday. Ugh, I’m officially the worst mother ever. Does anyone else have red-headed, fair-skinned children? I want to feel like I’m not alone in my war against the sun.

Well, moving on, I had to post about another “treasure” that graced our household this week; my husband made a new top for our train table and a whole series of “monster truck hills” for my boys.

In case you didn’t know already, my younger son is obsessed with monster trucks. The new set is already seeing a lot of action in our household . . .

I love the angles and curves of the hills outlined in black and white and the timelessness of little boys playing with trucks and cars. And hurray, hurray, hurray for fair-labor toys! Especially those made by a loving, thoughtful, and talented daddy.

I would LOVE to see pics of any fair-labor treasures you’ve bought, found, or made this week; just post a flickr or blog link in the comments.

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